Created Mar 19, 2017

Luxi Turna

Know when you see her, nothing can free her more

Hi, I'm Lux and I'm a talking animal with a mating instinct. People tell me I'm shockingly and brutally honest. I'm autistic, so I can't detect the difference between that and just telling the truth. Normals have a problem with believing the truth if it's something they don't like. Hey, tough tiddies; deal with it.

► Ex-engineer (not the train kind). Valedictorian of CS dept + grad student in computer and network security and forensics (distance ed) + 3.8 GPA = lazy, indolent, slacker hacker who lays around naked all day drinking apricot nectar, learning complex analysis on 4D hyperbolic metric space for the hell of it, watching porn, rubbing off, and my specialty: stomping out loudmouth stupid people on the web.

They call me the Internet Idiot Extinguisher.

► I don't trust anybody anywhere about anything. There ARE no friends; normals will suddenly hate you (and deny it through gritted teeth) if you say something they don't like. That's right, everyone—especially you. It's just a matter of what it is they don't like. For autistics, it happens routinely.

► All men are cruel, sadistic pigs (even if they fear it and deny it in themselves, like you timid, worthless geeks). Sadly—nay, tragically—I'm a live animal genetically programmed to want the sexual anger that overwhelms you beasts, like being hurt and then group "intercoursed" while I cry. It's the only time I feel or express strong emotion. Catharsis.

I wish I was lez instead. Or aroused by shoes, or some damn thing—anything but men. However, the Black Monolith branded me; it burned you into my soul. So yeah, hurt me and use it—just don't @!$%#ing TALK to me. 🖕

GOD I hate being an ugly bag of mostly water helplessly dancing for something outside this universe — its origin and purpose, still, a total mystery.

► Lux: Know when you see her, nothing can free her.